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Bibliostat Collect: Survey

Bibliostat Collect is the reporting tool used to collect data for the Public Libraries Survey each fiscal year.


Usernames and passwords stay the same from year to year and are unique to each library.  If you do not have or don't remember your username and password, contact Susan Bailey for that information.

Continue Survey

Each time you return to survey, you must click "Continue Survey".  A new set of options across the top will appear:

  • Home Takes you back to homepage
  • Survey Default page once you click on "Continue Survey"
  • Status View and complete Edit Checks, Unanswered Questions, Flagged Questions, and Submit Survey
  • Printing Options for printing entire survey or specific sections of surveys; also saving functions
  • Frequent Questions Links to frequently asked questions
  • Instructions Instructions and helpful information from the West Virginia Library Commission on completing the survey


  • Home:  Takes you back to the homepage
  • Frequent Questions Takes you to a list of frequently asked questions about using the survey tools
  • Logout Logs out your session
  • Need Assistance? Provides a telephone number to contact Bibliostat Collect for technical issues
  • Start Survey Appears the first time you access the current fiscal year's survey; click to begin
  • Continue Survey Click here to continue survey

Entering Data Elements

Enter data elements into the corresponding box.  You can tab to the next field or move your cursor into the appropriate box and click.

Click "Save" at the end of each page before going on to the next section.

Use "Survey Navigation" to skip around to different sections of the survey.

"Logout" after each session.

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