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Volunteers @ the Library: V, W, Y, and Z

V and W

VERTICAL FILE - A file of pamphlets, clippings, pictures, or other documents kept in a filing cabinet and arranged for ready reference, generally by subject, often dealing with local history and information.

WEB PAGE - An electronic document accessible via the World Wide Web, usually one of a group of related pages comprising a Web site.

WEB SITE - A location on the World Wide Web that provides 24-hour access to one or more interlinked pages which collectively represent the presence of an organization, company, individual, or work.

WEEDING - Removing books and other library materials that no longer serve a purpose in the library’s collections.  Weeding keeps a collection current and attractive, makes way for new material and provides ongoing evaluation of the library's material and its use.

WHCLIS -  White House Conference on Libraries & Information Services.

WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW) - Interface for accessing the global network of information available on computers of all types and sizes which are connected to the Internet.

WVINFODEPOT.ORG - The homepage for the statewide, free, research databases for citizens provided by the West Virginia Library Commission.

WVLA – West Virginia Library Association.

WVLC – West Virginia Library Commission.

Y and Z

YALSA - Young Adult Library Services Association, a Division of the American Library Association.

Z39.50 - A protocol which gives library users easy access to another library's automated system. The benefits of Z39.50 are that the interface is controlled by the user's system. Familiar search strategies and cursor commands are available, and the computer, rather than the user, translates between local and remote machines.

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