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Volunteers @ the Library: I, J, and K


ILL - Interlibrary loan

IMLS – Institute of Museum and Library Services

INDEX - A guide, usually in alphabetical, chronological, or numerical order, to the topics and names included in a document or a collection of document.

INTEGRATED LIBRARY SYSTEM - A group of automated library subsystems working together and communicating within the same set or system of software to control such activities as patron registration and permissions, circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, and serial control.

INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM - The right under the U.S. Constitution of any person to read or express views including those that are unpopular or offensive to others, provided they are not libelous.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN - Originally, one library borrowing from another in order to serve the user. Now, a system of interlibrary cooperation which allows libraries to obtain information and materials for their users no matter which library owns it.

INTERNET - An international system of computer networks through enabling users to communicate via e-mail, find information on the World Wide Web, transfer data and program files via FTP, and access remote computer systems such as library catalogs.

INVENTORY - 1) A checking of the library collection against the shelf list to determine missing items. 2) The physical listing of all records or documents in a collection.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number. A unique identification number printed in books by international agreement.

ISSN – International Standard Serial Number.  A unique identification number printed in magazines, periodicals, or journals by international agreement

J and K

JOBBER - A wholesale book supplier who supplies many titles from different publishers and sells them to libraries and retailers, such as Ingram, Baker and Taylor, BWI, and others.

KEYWORD - A word used during an information retrieval search to find a particular word in an author, title, abstract or subject field. This is especially useful when the word is not used as a recognized subject term within the index being searched.

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