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Policies: Guidelines

WVLC Requirements

Board adopted policies must cover the following topics:

  • library operations
  • collection development
  • personnel
  • technology

Please review this presentation on the necessary elements of a policy manual:


Policy checklist

Policy Checklist

1. Does your library have a comprehensive policy manual?

2. Does the board periodically reevaluate policies?

3. Is a copy of the latest policy manual on file at the West Virginia Library Commission?

4. Are all policies and policy changes communicated to all staff members?

5. Are you familiar with all the policies adopted by the board?

6. Do you stand ready to defend the policies if they are challenged?


Please follow these recommendations when submitting your policy manual to the WVLC.

  • Policies should be typed in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Policies should be submitted in an electronic format, such as an attachment to an email message that was saved in a word processing program or in a portable document format (PDF).
  • A cover sheet, that includes the name of the library as well as other important information, is a good idea.
  • A table of contents page not only assists the WVLC in reviewing the policies, but makes the policy manual user-friendly for your library workers.
  • A sheet including the date the board adopted and revised the policy manual, including signatures as appropriate.

Common statements

The following information is sometimes included in policy manuals.  You may refer to the statement or include a link in your submitted manual.  If you include the text of any of the following, you must cite your source.


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