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West Virginia Center for the Book: Anthology of Appalachian Writers

Anthology of Appalachian Writers

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers is a publication that encourages a long-established tradition of storytelling, love of language, and creative expression associated broadly with the area of the country known as Appalachia. Though the principal mission of the anthology is to provide a venue for publication of new writers, it also provides a collection of literature and scholarship that contributes to an understanding and appreciation for the region. Poetry, fiction, memoir, heritage writers, as well as new voices appear in each annual volume of the anthology. The anthology is supported by The Shepherd University Foundation and The West Virginia Center for the Book. The Anthology of Appalachian Writers is part of the Appalachian Heritage WIR and Writers Project and Appalachian Studies Program.

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Adrinia Trigiani Volume I. "Once again I am in the Mountains; whether it's the Italian Alps or the Appalachians, it seems I can't escape them."  Adriana Trigiani's Big Cherry Holler

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Silas House Volume II.  "He had spent his whole life listening to stories from the past, and now he had his own, and it was slowly building, chapter by chapter.  It was just like a book that he could pick up and hold in his hands.  He could feel its weight, could put his face against cool pages and breathe in the scent of words."  Silas House's Clay's Quilt

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Bobbie Ann Mason Volume III.  "... I don't aim to live out my days all hunched up over my memories.  I want to watch the sun come up and hear a hen cackle over a new-laid egg and feel a kitten purr.  And I want to see a flock of blackbirds whirl over the field, making music.  Things like that are absolutely new ever time they happen."  Bobbie Ann Mason's Feather Crowns

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Ron Rash Volume IV. "To be it another way, if you was to stub your toe and tell the man of science what happened he'd not believe a word of it less he could see how it's stoved up or was bleeding. But your philosophers and theologians and such say there's things in the world that's every bit as real even though you can't see them."  Ron Rash's Serena

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Gretchen Moran Laskas Volume V. "I'll make them think... with words, I'll make my world so real that no one will be able to forget it." Gretchen Moran Laskas' The Miner's Daughter

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Frank X Walker Volume VI.  "I wanted to tell her / that the word Affrilachia /was not inteded ... to divide communities / that it existed to make visible / to create a senso of place / that had not existed."  Frank X Walker's Affrilachia

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Homer Hickam Volume VII.  "To me, there was no better time to launch a rocket than in the fall, especially a West Virginia fall."  Homer Hickam's The Coalwood Way

The volumes of the Anthology of Appalachian Writers can be found in West Virginia public libraries and are available for sell from Shepherd University Bookstore. 

2015 WV Fiction Competition Winners

The Appalachian Heritage Writers Project and Nikki Giovanna will announce the winners of the 2015 WV Fiction Competition, sponsored by the West Virginia Center for the Book, in September 2015.

A panel of writers, editors, and creative writing instructors choose finalists, and the 2015 Appalachian Heritage Writer-in-Residence, Nikki Giovanni selected  first, second, and third place winners. The first place winner will receive the West Virginia Fiction Award and accompanying $500 prize ($100 prizes for second and third prizes) on the night of Thursday, October 8, 2015, at the Appalachian Heritage Awards Presentation; and the winning story will be read at the Appalachian Heritage Festival Concert the following night. Both events are part of the 2015 AHWIR residency: "Chasing Appalachia, Looking for Home:  The Poetry and Prose of Nikki Giovanni." Giovanni will present the awards and offer story critiques to the competition finalists.  The fiction competition is supported by The West Virginia Center for The Book and the Shepherd University Foundation.

For more information go to:

The Winners of the 2015 WV Fiction Competition were:

Karin Fuller, “Hobbledean,” 1st  Place Winner

Kathleen Furbee, "Rabbits", 2nd Place Winner

Faith Shearin, "What the Neighbors Thinks", 3rd Place Winner

Alan Gibson, "Winter Survival Guide",  Committee’s Choice Award”

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