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Your guide to all things Book Discussion!

Book Discussion Group

The West Virginia Library Commission Book Discussion Group collection kits are available for public libraries in the state of WV to borrow for their book clubs. The WVLC has more than 360 BDG kits in a variety of genres. 

BDG Club Contact Information

After you complete this form, please send an email to to let us know you've added a new group.

BDG Titles Available

There are several tabs in this spreadsheet to help you search for a particular genre or age range, etc. The last tab (NEW) is all the kits that have been added within the last year.

How to search WVLN for titles

Search the West Virginia Library Network catalog for a list of all of our Book Club titles:

1. In the pull-down menu, change Title  to Local Note.

2. In the next box, type in WVLCBDG

3. In the box that says All Libraries, click on WV Library Commission

4. Hit Submit.

After you hit submit, the next page will list all of the Titles available through the WVLC.

*Keep in mind that availability of particular kits will not be evident when searching WVLN. Copies will show as available, but entire kits are checked out using a separate barcode. Use this procedure to get detailed information about the book, such as genre, number of pages, and  synopsis. 


How to Request Titles

Email BDG Requests at with the following information:

  • Name of Book Club
  • Library Delivery Location
  • List of titles your group is interested in reading
  • Date of distribution
    • If requesting multiple titles, indicate the date you will be distributing the first title scheduled
    • Titles are scheduled by the date they are distributed, not by the date they are discussed
  • At least two additional alternative titles in the event that a title or titles are not available

Tools for Submitting Requests

For your convenience, I have created several tools for submitting requests:

Scheduling Software & Returning Materials

The WVLC uses KitKeeper to schedule BDG kits. Availability for kits is confirmed through KitKeeper by a WVLC staff member. Groups are allotted 30 days usage of materials. Kits usually arrive seven (7) days prior to the distribution meeting, pending delivery service. We allow one week for materials to be collected from group members from the discussion meeting date and an additional week for shipping back via prepaid FedEx slips that are included with your shipment. It is the responsibility of the borrowing library to schedule a FedEx pickup at the library or arrange to drop off package at a local FedEx Drop-Off Location. You may elect to return via the postal service at your library's expense. Most kits are already scheduled for another library, so returning materials on time is much appreciated. If you ever have a situation you are unsure of how to handle with regard to returning materials, please contact BDG Requests at

Library Services Consultant/State Data Coordinator

West Virginia Library Commission
1900 Kanawha Blvd East | Culture Center, Bldg. 9 | Charleston, WV 25305
In-State Toll Free : (800) 642-9021 | (304) 558-2041