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Public Librarian Certification Program: Registration and Requirements

Registration - Basic Certification

How to Register and Start the Basic Certification Program

  • Sign-up for a free WebJunction account here if you do not already have one.
  • Create a Niche Academy account if you do not yet have one.
  • Enroll in the "Public Librarian Certification Program - Basic Certification" Pathway by clicking the "Begin" button at the top middle of the page.
    • From the time you click on "Begin," you will have two-years to complete the requirements for Basic Certification.
  • Begin taking the required courses in any order.

Completing Basic Certification

Once you have completed all coursework in the "Public Librarian Certification Program - Basic Certification" Pathway, there is one final course with an activity that will submit your coursework for review. Please complete it. This lets us know you are ready to be considered for certification.


Physical, formal certificates will be mailed out quarterly from the Library Commission. You are considered certified as soon as you complete coursework and it is approved, however, and you will be able to download a printable, temporary certificate from the Niche Academy website immediately upon completion of the program.

West Virginia Library Commission
1900 Kanawha Blvd East | Culture Center, Bldg. 9 | Charleston, WV 25305
In-State Toll Free : (800) 642-9021 | (304) 558-2041