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Delivery to your school generally occurs within 2 weeks for available sets.  Sets are shipped through FedEx.  When the set is ready to be shipped back, a return FedEx label will be emailed to you.


The sets were created using information located at:

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Animals, Animals Everywhere!

Grade: K-1

Animals, Animals Everywhere! introduces students to animals, how animals live, and how animals grow.

Human Body, Five Senses

Grade: K-1

Human Body, Five Senses teaches students about the five senses, and how the human body uses them.

Animal Adaptations

Grade: 1

Animal Adaptations educates students how an animals' body help it survive.

Earth's Place in Our Solar System

Grade: 1

Earth's Place in Our Solar System explores the solar system and the planet Earth.

All Eyes on the Moon

Grade: 2

All Eyes on the Moon discover more about the Earth's only satellite, the moon.

Desert Animals

Grade: 2

Desert Animals introduces students to the desert habitat and animals that call it home.

Body Systems

Grade: 2-3

Body Systems introduces the human body system and its roles.

Building a House

Grade: 2-3

Building a House describes houses from around the world and how homes are built.

Challenges of Being an Immigrant

Grade: 3

Challenges of Being an Immigrant explores what individuals face moving to a new country.


Grade: 3

Entrepreneurship explores the many types of businesses started by individuals of varying ages.

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