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Disasters: Volcano

How Stuff Works

Offers information about how volcanoes work, including causes, types of eruptions, volcano formation, and plate tectonics.

Deadly Volcanoes

See pictures and learn about some of the deadliest voclanic eruptions in the past 400 years.

Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions

Learn how experts can predict when volcanic eruptions will happen.

Anatomy of a Volcano

From, this site provides information about the parts of a volcano and key vocabulary.

Inside Nyiragongo Volcano

After viewing the anatomy of a volcano, try this interactive tool to learn about the different parts of the Nyiragongo volcano.

Weather Wizkids

Provides TONS of information on volcanoes, including causes, effects, and frequently asked questions.

Virtual Volcano

Learn all about volcanoes through this interactive virtual volcano website. You can even build your own volcano!

Volcano Images

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