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COVID-19 Support for Libraries and Librarians: Funding

Tools to help West Virginia libraries and librarians in response to COVID-19.

Funding Opportunities

COVID-19 Waiver Request Form

Funding FAQ

Answers to some frequently asked questions from Executive Secretary Karen Goff, April 20, 2020:

  1. What about GIA/Services funding for the Fiscal year that begins in July 2020?
    1. The FY 2021 budget as passed by the Legislature in March included level funding for GIA and Services grants.  That does not preclude possible cuts during the year.  During cuts in previous years, GIA/Services was protected because it is funded with Lottery Revenues, not General Revenue.  I do not know if that will be the case in this situation but will keep you all posted as information is available. 
  2. What about the expenditure of state funds for the current fiscal year?
    1. There are two worries associated here.  Some of you are worried about running out of money while others are worried that you will not be able to spend all your state funds because of being closed.  I can share the first worry but the solution is a decision individual Boards and Directors must make.  I can speak authoritatively to the second because it is State money.

                                                               i.      State GIA/Service funds are appropriated for use in a specific fiscal year unless, like end-of-year Supplemental Grants, it is awarded in one fiscal year to be spent in the next fiscal year. 

                                                             ii.      That means that the GIA/Services money libraries received for FY 2020 that ends June 30 must be spend in that year.  Most of you use those funds for personnel and most of you are still paying staff so that may not be a problem.

                                                           iii.      For those that anticipate unspent State funds, I strongly recommend that you look for ways to spend it.  If you told us that it was all going to personnel and you need to put some of it in a different allowable category, let me know that you need a Change of Scope form.  This will document that the Library Commission approved you moving the funds.  The GIA application paperwork sent out recently lists all the main allowable categories and includes an “other” category too.  Use those to guide any needed adjustments in the allocation of State funds.

  1. What about MOE compliance?
    1. If you are worried about not being in compliance with the MOE requirement because of being closed, stop worrying.  Unlike completely spending your GIA/Services grant(s), the Library Commission has the authority to waive this requirement.  If non-compliance is due to the  uncontrollable circumstance of COVID19, all you will need to do is send me a waiver request.  I am planning on designing a form that you can use.  This will not happen until September at the earliest to give everyone time to complete the Bibliostat reports.

About this Guide

This guide is a work-in-progress and will be updated as we are able.

Listings are not endorsements and may not be comprehensive. If you learn of something that you'd like us to include, please share it with the librarian below.

COVID-19-Related Events

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